Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 was JUST right!!

About six weeks ago I started thinking about what to do for Halloween. I wanted to do something the whole family could get involved in. I cruised Pinterest until the wee hours of the morning and came up with two options:

1. Ember is the hamburgerler and Nova a hamburger
2. We all dress up as Goldilocks and the three bears. Ember of course, is Goldilocks

The next day I presented the options to Ember, as I thought she chose option 2.

First we had to carve our pumpkins... and pineapple!!

The big day is here!!

 They were very excited to get dressed up for trick or treating with their pre-school class.

 Ember is lined up to get on the bus with her class. The older kiddos get to take a bus to different office buildings around island. 

Goldilocks and all her Halloween friends on their way to the bus!

She's surrounded by Superheros!! 

 Baby Bear is washing her paws.. The little ones get to walk to the houses close to the pre-school.

Luckily our house is close to the preschool and we got to pass out candy!

The neighbors came to help out

Here they come!!

Nova and her friend maggie got to ride. Maggie is an octopus :)

Trick or Treat!!

So excited for candy!

Kwajalein does a community exchange program for Halloween night that allows 300 Eyebye residents to come over for trick or treating. We hosted out housekeeper, Atirina, and two of her sons Runy and Nathan. We had pizza for dinner and then went trick or treating for about an hour. Nova even walked around with her own candy pail. It was a great night. 

Ember with Runy and Nathan. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears!! 

Baby bear showingg off her tail... 

Papa Bear scratching is tail... 
 Derek has had the bear hat since he was a wee little bear cub!!

The wicked witch!! She's not too wicked, she gave us lots of candy.

And posed for a picture.

His tail is so cute!

Goldilocks and Dorothy are the best of friends!

Baby Bear had to get in on the actions too!

She even let Papa Bear hold her hand one in a while. 

The other Miller Family on Island!

Ember's Pre-school teacher Miss Angie passing out treats!

Thanks Miss Angie!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!!

Kwajalein Easter activities kicked off with an Easter Egg Hunt at the PX. Only a few Kiddos showed up so Ember scored big. 

Ember and her friend Wylie, excited to open their eggs.

We had to go through the eggs and check for AAFES gift cards. Ember won a $5 gift card and promptly bought a Frozen coloring book!

Later that week, there was an Eater Egg Hunt at Ember's preschool...

Ember dressed in her Easter finest.


Look at all those eggs!!

Finally it was Easter morning!!

Rise and shine!! It's time to find the Easter Eggs

Nova is ready..

Is that the Easter Bunny?

Derek has found his Easter Treasure.

Easter Baskets... 

On the hunt!

Ember's eggs!!


The Velvetine Rabbit and Book were Kristin's when she was Ember's age (Thanks for saving that for all these years Grandma Kathy!!)

Bath time!

The Great Kwaj Easter Egg hunt!

Ember is lining up with her age group

And she's off!!

Nova wasn't quite as enthusiastic...

Big Sister to the rescue!!

Too much rescuing...

Nova would not go near the Easter Bunny, but Ember loved him (obviously!)

The reason for the season of course is Jesus... We had a lovely Easter dinner with our dear friends The Bates, The Andersons, and the Ewbanks.

An Anderson tradition (and very tasty!)

An Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

Bunny (peeps) Cupcakes!!

Happy Easter!!